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Deal type ID Sector Description Location Comment Key data
M&A Sellside 1939 Construction Construction Company/Project Cactus Southwest Cactus provides construction-related services for building all types of residential homes. It operates in two states, has approximately 400 employees, and utilizes around 200 subcontractors. It has operated for more than 30 years with the same owner. 2022 Rev. = $65.8M 2023 (Proj) = $66.0M 2022 EBITDA = $2.0M 2023 (Proj) = $5.1M
M&A Sellside 1915 Healthcare Medical warming equipment/Project Temperate - *UNDER LOI - NO INQUIRIES North Temperate is a specialized medical warming equipment company located in the US with brand recognition for quality. Company has significant intellectual property including international patents and trademarks, manufacturing process, and regulatory property (4 FDA 510(k)s and 4 CE Marks). ISO 13485:2016 manufacturing process highly documented and scalable resulting in a warranty claim rate of <0.25%. Company has a 19% 3Yr CAGR through 2023P. 2022A Rev. $11.9M 2022A EBITDA = $2.2 2023F Rev. $15.1M 2023F EBITDA = $3.6
M&A Sellside 1703 Aerospace & Defense / Government Services Operates owned, leased and managed aircraft/Project Peach Southeast Peach provides premium executive jet charter services to both corporate and retail customers. With a low-cost operating base in one of the major metro areas in the southeast, they own their facility and the associated ground lease and perform all their own maintenance except for engine hot sections and overhauls. They also provide MRO services to third party aircraft. 2022 Rev. = $11.0M 2023 (Proj) = $19.3M 2022 EBITDA = $0.1M 2023 (Proj) = $3.9M
Capital Raise Equity 1854 Technology / Media / Telecom Real-time location tracking and workflow optimization SaaS solution provider/Project Angle Southeast Angle is a leading provider of proprietary turnkey hardware and SaaS solutions that address a huge unmet need in identifying and tracking assets, optimizing workflow and managing inventory for commercial and industrial enterprises. The Company provides a patented Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Real Time Localization System that is to be deployed in multiple industries globally. The technology delivers attractive customer returns through enhancing productivity, profitability and peace of mind. The company is growing rapidly and is generating its existing revenues solely from inbound inquiries. 2022F Rev. = $2.1M Unsolicited pipeline > $80M 2022F EBITDA = Breakeven
M&A Sellside 1847 Construction Construction Management Company/Project Blossom Southeast Blossom delivers construction project management services primarily to the single family home sector in four counties in southeastern Florida, including pouring foundations, completing base slabs and providing structural steel and wooden framing services as a sub-contractor utilizing non-union independent contractors as its labor force. In addition, the Company launched a commercial business in 2021. The new entity performs similar services to its residential business to exploit the opportunity to build commercial real estate space near their residential projects. Blossom management expects its commercial business to grow exponentially over the next few years. 2022 Rev. = $68.2M 2022 EBITDA = $9.9M