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Deal type ID Sector Description Location Comment Key data
Capital Raise Equity 1993 Technology / Media / Telecom SaaS Software for Automotive Dealerships/ Project Rana West Rana is a SaaS software provider for auto dealerships. Its AI-driven business intelligence/decision analytics platform and growing suite of solutions uniquely integrates data from dealer management systems and other siloed data sources to deliver advanced reporting and actionable business recommendations. Dealers realize near-term, quantifiable benefits in warranty operations, service and sales. Rana is raising $20M for product development and expanding sales, marketing, and operations. Feb 24 ARR = $5.0M, 25% QoQ growth
M&A Sellside 1939 Construction Construction Company/Project Cactus Southwest Cactus provides construction-related services for building all types of residential homes. It operates in two states, has approximately 400 employees, and utilizes around 200 subcontractors. It has operated for more than 30 years with the same owner. 2023 Rev $77.1M EBITDA $4.4M 2024 P Rev $77.8M P EBITDA $4.4M
M&A Sellside 1915 Healthcare Medical Warming Equipment/Project Temperate - UNDER LOI North Temperate is a specialized medical warming equipment company located in the US with brand recognition for quality. Company has significant intellectual property including international patents and trademarks, manufacturing process, and regulatory property (4 FDA 510(k)s and 4 CE Marks). ISO 13485:2016 manufacturing process highly documented and scalable resulting in a warranty claim rate of <0.25%. Company has a 19% 3Yr CAGR through 2023P. 2022A Rev. $11.9M 2022A EBITDA = $2.2 2023F Rev. $15.1M 2023F EBITDA = $3.6